Drop Off Services

Work, family, and home duties continue to consume more of your personal time. With limited time, who wants to spend it doing laundry? Speed-Brite Laundromat provides a convenient and affordable solution…

Let us do your laundry for you!

By using our convenient drop-off service, your items are ALWAYS washed with your items and are never mixed with others.

What about those large items that don’t begin to fit into your home washer and dryer? Does the sheer volume of your laundry overwhelm you? Speed-Brite routinely provides laundry services to families in the Shreveport & Bossier City area.

All laundry, rugs, cushions are weighed and charged by the pound.

Included with Drop Off Services:

  • pre-spotting
  • detergent
  • complete wash
  • use of bleach (if needed)
  • dryer sheets
  • prompt removal from dryers
  • professional items hung or folded
  • protective packaging in clear plastic wrapping material
  • hand ironing/pressing of shirts, pants, uniforms, sheets, etc.

Free & clear detergents/fabric sheets available upon request for sensitive skins & allergies!

We offer a 10% discount for wash, dry, fold & dry cleaning services for Police, Fire & Military!